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Mixed hunting in England

Our territories are located to the north east of London in Norfolk. This region of England is made up of immense marshes which will allow you to hunt snipe, duck or even geese. These marshes have the advantage of having a unique diversity with almost all the species present. You will find the famous marsh snipe, dabbling ducks (mallard, teal, whistling, pintail, gadwall, shoveler), diving ducks (scaft, common pochard, common goldeneye) and geese (greylag, short-billed, Canada, Egyptian Goose). This region will also allow you to hunt woodcock, pigeon, pheasant, partridge, hare or even the famous Muntjac or Chinese Water Deer. Mixed hunts begin at the beginning of November and end at the end of January. To hunt with your weapon in England a ″firearms certificate″ is mandatory, to obtain this each hunter must have a European firearms card. To obtain the ″firearms certificate″ your European card must be sent to us 8 weeks before your departure.



The hunter(s) will be picked up at the airport or welcomed by the guide depending on the means of transport in order to get to the hunting area.


During your stay we can offer you to hunt geese in the field in the wining areas as we do in Scotland or Canada, to hunt ducks in the marshes, to hunt with a billebaud with a pointing dog which will allow you to raise a good number of woodcocks, snipes, pheasants, partridges or hares. It will be possible to plan a pigeon day if the weather permits.


After your morning of hunting we will have lunch either at the hotel or on a picnic depending on the area and type of hunting. In the evening after the ducks we return to the hotel for dinner and remember our most beautiful moments of the day


Hunting day with ducks flight                   580 EUR    
Night accommodation                               90 EUR           

Options included:​

  • Accommodation in hotel or cottage in a double room

  • English breakfast

  • Organization of the hunt

  • Professional guide

  • Permit

Not included:

  • additional flush

  • weapon rental (50€/day)

  • meal

  • alcoholic drinks

  • taxidermy costs and sends to his country


Mixed pack n°1

2190 EUR


3 days of hunting / 4 nights

3 days of mixed hunting + geese and ducks

Mixed pack n°2

3390 EUR

5 days of hunting / 6 nights

5 days of mixed hunting

5 passed to the ducks

This is an example of packages that we can offer but these are à la carte stays. It is entirely possible to modify this in the organization of the days and in the length of the stay according to your wishes.


Our area covers several thousand hectares in Norfolk just 2 hours north east of London not far from Norwich. The nearest airport London Stansted is a 2 hour drive from our territory.

​​ ​

A range of accommodation from hotels to cottages allows you to choose the one that best suits your requirements. We know hunting is the most important part of your trip, but it’s your vacation too. It is also important to spend time in a quality place.

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