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Muntajc and CWD hunting in England

Most of our territories are located north-east of London in Norfolk not far from Norwich but also in Ireland and Scotland depending on your expectations. Hunting in the Norwich region offers large populations of Muntjac, CWD, Fallow Deer and other Deer, which will allow you to enjoy magnificent hunts in a unique biotope. Coming to hunt such emblematic species as the Muntjac and CWD less than three hours from France is something unique. Muintjac and Chinese Water Deer hunting takes place from the first of November to the last day of March.

To hunt with your weapon in England a ″firearms certificate″ is mandatory, to obtain this each hunter must have a European firearms card. To obtain the ″firearms certificate″ your European card must be sent to us 6 weeks before your departure.


The hunter(s) will be picked up at the airport or welcomed by the guide depending on the means of transport in order to get to the hunting area.


Then the hunt is carried out under the guidance of the guide, consequently the shooting only takes place after the latter's agreement in order to help you in your shooting choices. In addition, the hunting area is mainly covered on foot, which allows you to see many animals and choose the animal to harvest. As a general rule, it will be possible to have at least one shooting opportunity per outing on an adult animal.

At the end of your morning, a typical English breakfast will be served to you at the hotel. While waiting for the evening to approach, we will offer you several activities on site such as visiting some typically English towns or you can simply take advantage of these hours to rest. A day of hunting takes place in two parts with a morning outing and an evening outing, which allows you to spend on average 6/8 hours hunting during the day.

You will therefore have the opportunity to hunt magnificent animals that are often medal-worthy. There is no shooting quota. Your shooting choices are up to you. The guides will also advise you on the animal you are looking for.


3 days of hunting / 4 nights

Options included:

  • Hotel or cottage accommodation in a double room Breakfast

  • Hrganization of the hunt

Not included:

  • Permit (70€)

  • Riffle rental (50€/day)

  • Dinner

  • Alcoholic drinks

  • Taxidermy costs and sends to his country




Muntjac: ​


Representative: 250€ Bronze medal: 550€ Silver medal: 660€

Gold medal: 850€

Chinese Water Deer:


Representative: 250€ Bronze medal: 450€

Silver medal: 550€

Gold medal: 750€



Pack an animal

1510 EUR

accommodation: double room + Breakfast (4 nights) Hunter/guide outing (6 outings) Representative animal


Pack two animals

1760 EUR

accommodation: double room + Breakfast (4 nights)

Hunter/guide outing (6 outings)

a muntjac (representative)

a CWD (representative)


Our area covers several thousand hectares in Norfolk just 2 hours north east of London not far from Norwich. The nearest airport London Stansted is a 2 hour drive from our territory.


A range of accommodation from hotels to cottages allows you to choose the one that best suits your requirements. We know hunting is the most important part of your trip, but it’s your vacation too. It is also important to spend time in a quality place.

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